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National Defense Magazine - Feburary 2015

New Software Uses Artificial Intelligence to Sift Through Data

National DefenseAs the military and U.S. intelligence agencies struggle to digest mountains of information captured from social media and sensors all over the world, companies continue to create software that can more quickly and accurately help analysts isolate relevant data. One new platform under development, called VIA, is able to independently scan data streams ... More>>



Information Week - October 24, 2014

Ebola: 10 Tech Responses to Deadly Disease

Information WeekTech companies are addressing the Ebola scare by offering everything from germ-zapping robots to Ebola tracking apps. Ebola, like terrorist groups or anthrax,is a threat and should be treated accordingly by organizations, people, and technology, according to Modus Operandi. The analytics software developer, which once focused solely on the ... More>>



datanami - October 14, 2014

How Big Data Analytics Can Help Fight ISIS

DatanamiThe rapid rise of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) this summer grabbed the world’s attention and led to military action by the U.S. and its allies. While drones and smart bombs pick apart ISIS from the air, you can be assured that American cyber warriors and defense analysts are using big data analytic techniques to glean insights about the group as well ... More>>



Fast Company - September 16, 2014

Can Ebola Be Stopped By Treating It Like A Terrorist Network?

Fast CompanySix months after its latest resurgence, the Ebola virus shows no signs of letting up. "We desperately need new strategies adapted to this reality," said Dr. Joanne Liu, international president of Doctors Without Borders in a grim statement last week. One hope is that data, which can spread faster than disease, could give humans a technological leg up ... More>>



Defense Systems - September 10, 2014

Putting powerful analytics into a 'Facebook for terrorists'

Defense SystemsA problem with collecting data on potential terrorists is that it can pretty quickly become big data, full of fragmented strands of information on individuals, organizations and activities that can be difficult to connect. One company working on a solution is Modus Operandi, which is developing what it calls a Facebook for terrorists that would provide ... More>>



Signal Magazine - July 16, 2014

Software Programs Aid Intelligence Analysts in Hunt for the enemy

Signal MagazineTechnological solutions help seek out both outside foes and insider threats. Where human analysis might fail in the intelligence community, technological solutions are at the ready to fill the void. Companies are ginning up software programs that can prove to be key for intelligence analysts as they track the bad guys, so to speak—be they insider threats or an outside enemy ... More>>



VentureBeat- June 21, 2014

Modus Operandi is building a 'Facebook' for tracking terrorists

VentureBeatA company called Modus Operandi is developing a “social network” interface with profiles of the bad guys who want to do you harm. Terrorists, mainly. Terrorists won’t actually be posting status updates, of course. But they will have profiles that show their pertinent information, updated by American intelligence analysts ... More>>




Fedscoop - May 2, 2014

The 'Googlization" of intelligence and Counterterrorism Analysis

FedscoopThe ease of use and powerful search capabilities of Google have inspired a quiet revolution in the way some military intelligence organizations are using big data. But Google, the company, has nothing to do with it. The company behind the big data search revolution in the military intelligence community is Melbourne, Fla.-based Modus Operandi Inc. ... More >>



Datanami - Feb. 3, 2014

How Analytics is Driving Military Intelligence

DatanamiAfter the September 11 attacks, it became apparent that the United States intelligence agencies needed to get better at integrating disparate pieces of data. Since then, we've witnessed a massive increase in those agencies' capabilities. And now some branches of the military, including the US Marine Corps, are experimenting with big data analytics technologies .... More >>


EMERGENCY Management - Jan. 6, 2014

How Does the Military Use Big Data

Emergency ManagementThe big data movement is changing the way people work. And just like state, local and federal organizations, the military is trying to get smarter, faster and more flexible with its data. Dr. Eric Little, vice president and chief scientist for a company making big data software for the military -- a company appropriately named Modus Operandi ... More >>



Spacecoast BUSINESS - Sept. 25, 2013

Modus Operandi Delivers Information-Based Intelligence: Finding the Right Needle in the Right Haystack

Spacecoast BUSINESSAs Modus Operandi President Rick McNeight likes to say, the defense company’s software doesn’t just find a needle in a haystack, it finds the right needle in the right haystack. The Melbourne-based company has developed a way to mine specific pieces of data from a host of sources – everything from social media to ... More >>



Government Technology - Sept. 9, 2013

Navy Explores Potential of Social Media Crowdsourcing in Disaster Response

Government TechnologyThe U.S. Navy selected Modus Operandi to begin developing crowdsourcing situational awareness software that leverages data from social media. Social media is becoming a primary source of information during disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. In an effort to more efficiently utilize... More >>



Signal Magazine - Aug. 20, 2013

Navy Surfs the Crowd

SignalThe U.S. Navy is turning to crowdsourcing as a possible situational awareness aid during disasters and social unrest. Data from eyewitnesses or participants would be fused with information from other sources to provide timely understanding and appreciation of an environment or location to response teams. More >>



Orlando Sentinel - Aug. 12, 2013

Defense company to develop new crowdsourcing tech for disaster response

Orlando SentinelA Melbourne company said Monday it has landed a Navy research contract to create a "crowdsourcing" analysis system to assist emergency-response teams in disasters, crowd uprisings, fires, crimes and other crises. More >>





Washington Technology - July 16, 2013

How one exec used research grants to fuel his small-business success

Government research grants give companies a chance to flex their innovation muscles. (Article by subscription only) More >>



Big Data Republic - June 24, 2013

War Zone Semantics

Big Data Republic"Truck bombs are a big problem," said Rick McNeight, president of Modus Operandi, a software company "serving the US defense and intelligence community," on the phone to me, and I can't help but agree. The conversation we had is not one I'm used to having, but there's a big data angle on it. More accurately, there's ...
More >>



Bloomberg Businessweek - June 14, 2013

New 'Game-Changing' Rules for Innovation Grants From the Feds

Bloomberg BizweekAmong the roughly 15,000 beneficiaries of the program is Richard McNeight, president of 80-employee Modus Operandi. His Melbourne (Fla.) business has received $40 million in research awards over the past decade through SBIR.
More >>




Government Executive - April 2013

Welcome to the Data Driven World

Govt ExecBig data is having an impact across government, though, in areas far afield from fraud detection. The data analysis company Modus Operandi received a $1 million Army contract in late 2012 to build a system called Clear Heart, which would dig through hundreds of hours of video — including footage from heavily populated areas — and pick out body movements that suggest what officials call "adversarial intent." More >>


Orlando Business Journal - March 20, 2013

Modus Operandi gets $1.5M Marine Corps. Contract

OBJModus Operandi was awarded a $1.5 million U.S. Marine Corps. contract to develop software to discover and analyze tactical intelligence. Melbourne-based Modus Operandi will enhance and package its BLADE Semantic Wiki software for transition into a number of Marine Corps analytics systems. The contract is called ieDENI (improvised explosive device denial).
More >>


National Defense Magazine - March 2013

Companies Introduce New Software to Defeat Suicide Bombers

Natl DefenseThe Army in December awarded Modus Operandi, a Melbourne, Fla.-based software company, a $1 million contract to develop a system that can detect gestures that indicate criminal intent or activity.

More >>





Florida Today - Nov. 11, 2012

Newsmaker spotlight: Lessner means business at software company

Emergency MgmtJeff Lessner is the new vice president of business development at Modus Operandi in Melbourne. Lessner will be responsible for all aspects of the company's business development efforts, including full oversight of sales and marketing efforts, market analysis, and management of business proposal production.

More >>



Florida Today - July 4, 2012

Local firm assists in sifting of spy data

Emergency MgmtComputers search vast amounts of information, and do so very quickly, but a Melbourne defense contractor has created software that helps a computer narrow what it's looking for, adding to their power and usefulness.

Just ask the military.
More >>





National Defense - May 2012

Too Much Information, Not Enough Intelligence

Emergency MgmtThe Defense Department over the last decade has built up an inventory of billions of dollars worth of spy aircraft and battlefield sensors. Those systems create avalanches of data that clog military information networks and overwhelm analysts.
More >>





Emergency Management - Jan. 26, 2012

Cyber Security Issues and Solutions

Emergency MgmtI had the opportunity to chat with Peter Mozloom, VP, Cyber Solutions, Modus Operandi about cyber security here in the United States. This discussion included the threats and the status of our preparedness efforts and what we can do better. More >>





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