Modus Operandi is serious and diligent about technology insertion which is an integral part of our R&D approach. We establish an early dialog with end users and stakeholders. We foster collaboration between the development team, the R&D sponsor, and the target insertion programs.

We plan for achievement of a technology readiness level that enables successful technology insertion into the mission.

Modus Operandi has a long history of successful Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) contract awards which have helped to develop and transition our technology to programs of record.


Information Fusion

  • High-Speed Multi-source Data Ingest
  • Large-scale Graph Generation
  • Auto-extraction and Auto-classification
  • Logical Redundant Conflations
  • Common Referencing of Observational Sources

Semantic Modeling and Integration

  • Model Creation
  • Model Alignment and Mapping
  • Concept Drift Detection and Dynamic Model Updating
  • Inference-Driven On-Demand Query
  • Domain and Subject Matter Expert Knowledge Elicitation

Semantic Reasoning

  • Logical Approaches for Automated Reasoning
  • Rule Generation
  • Auto-classification Techniques
  • Partial-pattern Recognition

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Text Analysis and Tagging
  • Automated Co-referencing
  • Part of Speech Tagging
  • Lexical Construction

Graph Heuristics

  • Graph Matching
  • Graph Association
  • Random Graph Generation / Manipulation
  • Optimal Reasoning Over Large Graphs
  • Graph Storage Approaches
  • Named Graph Creation

Big Data Computing

  • Cloud Database Creation and Manipulation
  • Model-driven Indexing of Cloud Database Tables
  • Large-scale Data Ingest
  • Large-scale Graph Generation from Multi-modal Disparate Sources

Semantic Search

  • Graph Traversal Using Search
  • Workflow Capture
  • Visualization of Search Results

User Interface Design & Usability

  • Usability Assessment
  • Model-driven Auto-generated User Interfaces
  • Semantic Wiki
  • Graph-based Visualizations


  • U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  • U.S. Army Research Laboratory
  • U.S. Army RDECOM
  • Office of Naval Research (ONR)
  • U.S. Navy SPAWAR