“Accessing and using data from disparate data sources wastes significant time and money that could be used on analysis and fusion.” – Source: DMO



vmdc shortens the time required to integrate new data sources to the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Enterprise DIB, decreasing costs and enhancing warfighter value. Critical to the success of the leading government information exchange backbones.


vmdc exposes standard / non-standard data sources to DIB users in real-time, by creating DIB metacards from data and metadata. It can convert any data into standardized, backbone consumables.


vmdc is available as GOTS software, reducing total cost of ownership.

Intelligence analysis requires current data from multiple data sources, which are often in different domains.To increase data sharing across the DCGS Enterprise, the DCGS Management Office (DMO) created the DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB).The DIB facilitates seamless, direct sharing and coordination of ISR and operational data from multiple organizational domains.

To expose data to the DIB, an organization develops a DIB adaptor—software that provides the transformation and filter code needed to align a data source to the DIB schemas used by the Enterprise. It requires significant time and money to develop DIB adaptors, often delaying data availability to the DIB by months.

Analysts need a tool that can make all data available to the DCGS Enterprise rapidly and without impacting the security (IA) footprint. vmdc provides this tool.

vmdc enables smart data federation for the DCGS Enterprise. Using vmdc shortens the time required to acquire new data sources to the DIB. This enables the warfighter to access new data faster, and frees development to focus on new capabilities rather than updating and customizing DIB adaptors.

vmdc reduces the program-of-record sustainment costs associated with maintaining DIB interfaces in key ways:

  • Enables system administrators to update data source to DIB mappings, eliminating the need for expensive contract field support personnel to maintain DIB adaptors.
  • Removes costs for expensive databases to persist DIB artifacts by dynamically generating DIB metacards from the query results data. Requires a lower hardware footprint than DIB adaptors.

The vmdc tool:

  • Leverages modular OSGi framework for extensibility
  • Uses a generic data source connection to maximize utility
  • Exposes standard and non-standard data sources to DIB users in real-time, by creating DIB metacards from data or metadata
  • Enables users to align their data sources with DIB/DDF via crosswalks
  • Filters data
  • Normalizes queries / responses
  • Federates data source security by validating and enforcing data source security policies