Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Melbourne, FL

August 11, 2020

We are seeking an experienced, dynamic sales & marketing leader to join our growing organization. In this position, you will fill the lead role in driving the sales growth of our organization by planning, managing, monitoring, and improving all aspects of our sales and marketing activities.

Modus Operandi is positioned at an inflection point where we are looking for the right leader to help the company pivot from a revenue model based on services to a product/solutions centric revenue model deriving higher margins through product licensing / subscriptions.

You will be responsible for driving top line revenue growth and profit margin growth, focusing on new customer acquisition, including penetration of new markets. You will have overall authority for decisions relating to target markets, marketing strategy and messaging, sales strategies and all aspects of the execution of our sales and marketing activities. You will be supported by matrixed team members from our Programs organization for cultivating follow-on business from existing customers and from our Engineering Center of Excellence (ECoE) for sales engineering support.

You will continuously improve all the aspects of our sales and marketing programs by making data-driven decisions, identifying and removing blockers, and coaching members of the sales and marketing team, spanning both direct assigned and matrixed staff.

You: You will love this opportunity because you:

  • Have a passion for establishing and maintaining high-touch engagement with customers and prospects to continually learn about their needs and how we can serve them.
  • Enjoy the challenges of creating and communicating a compelling value proposition centered around innovative software technology products.
  • Are energized by the mix of strategic direction setting combined with hands on operational tasks such as providing oversight and day-to-day sales management for our multidisciplinary sales team comprised of direct assigned, matrixed and consultant team members.
  • Possess a self-motivated attitude with the ability to multitask and thrive in a timeline-driven environment.
  • Are excited about creating plans and guiding sales and marketing team members and decisions, creating value for customers, and bringing innovation and differentiation for our company.
  • Enjoy the challenges of identifying, validating and entering growth markets while maintaining a sense of urgency to compress time-to-revenue and increase the return on our sales and marketing investments.
  • Thrive in an environment that fosters accountability and clarity of expectations.
  • Insist on a culture that requires honesty and integrity, while embodying an ethos that goes beyond these basic expectations to include team spirit; fearlessness; continuous learning, honing and applying outstanding skills; and dedicated people willing to go beyond the call of duty and to always work toward the greater good.

 Us: Over the past 35 years, Modus Operandi has provided its customers with innovative solutions for data management, data correlation and fusion, workflow, human-computer interface, cognitive computing, contextual pattern recognition, and machine learning analytics.  Our newest innovative solution combines these advances into our flagship software product Movia™. Movia delivers our customers smarter decisions by mapping decisions to data, transforming data to living intelligence, and optimizing the collaboration of human analysts and machine analytics.

Our current primary market is the US defense and intelligence sector, with customers spanning the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Missile Defense Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. We typically support customer mission-environments that are characterized by large volumes of data from multiple sources, in multiple formats, and representing multiple types of intelligence. Modus Operandi is a prime contractor, subcontractor or team member for major contracts supporting the ISR community, including RS3, SSES NexGen, SeaPort-NexGen, GSA and more.

In addition to growth with our existing customer base we plan to expand our target markets to include civilian US Government agencies and the commercial sector.

Learn about the Opportunity

As the Vice President, Sales & Marketing, you will:

  • Drive top line revenue growth and increase profit margins.
  • Develop recurring revenue streams around product sales / subscriptions.
  • Work closely with customers and prospects to understand and meet their needs.
  • Research and validate target markets.
  • Establish and resource marketing plans, including ensuring a compelling, up-to-date web/social media presence.
  • Serve as the sales manager, spanning all aspects of:
    • Defining and overseeing a well-defined and high tempo sales process with visible metrics.
    • Sales planning and execution, including setting and achieving individual and team member targets for sales activity, pipeline health, and orders closed.
    • Maintaining customer account information and keeping current all internal sales-related reports and KPIs.
  • Have lead responsibility for the proposal process, including all aspects of capture management.
  • Establish and maintain channel partnerships.
  • Have responsibility for both your own direct-managed sales opportunities and for scaling our sales and marketing organization by building a high-performing team.
  • Lead the preparation of proposals for new customer opportunities.
  • Provide sales leadership and guidance within the company.
  • Provide the leadership role in key market-centric decisions (voice of the market).
  • Provide high visibility and transparency to company leadership on all aspects of our sales and marketing activities and proactively raise and resolve issues or risks.

As Vice President, Sales & Marketing, you will perform the following duties—personally or through subordinates:


  • Maintain high level of sales and marketing team morale and staff retention.
  • Hold both direct-assigned and matrixed team members accountable to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Create personnel performance plans and perform performance reviews including written assessments.
  • Provide input on performance of matrixed team members.
  • Provide clarity to company leadership and to supporting department leaders on current and expected resource requirements.
  • Collaborate with HR to fill direct-assigned positions (e.g., create job postings, screen resumes, interview candidates, etc.).
  • Perform salary adjustments for your direct-assigned team members.
  • Ensure personnel are properly trained to perform all job functions and suitably use relevant tools.
  • Proactively support training and development for your direct-assigned team and monitor and determine staffing and training needs.
  • Help shape and provide career development for your team.


  • Drive continuous process improvement.
  • Develop sales and marketing plans, processes, and procedures for team members to use and abide by. Ensure clarity of goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Develop and implement methods, procedures, and metrics for monitoring sales and marketing performance and providing visibility to company leadership.
  • Ensure compliance with all department and company best practices.
  • Provide clarity of budget allocations to supporting departments (e.g., Programs, ECoE).
  • Establish processes to ensure high work products (proposals, briefings, brochures, etc.).
  • Make clear, data-driven decisions, to ensure peak ROI on our sales and marketing investments and follow up to ensure decisions are appropriately acted upon.
  • Deep dive into problems or issues impacting target markets and sales opportunities and resolve the root causes.
  • Work closely with the Programs team to expand business in our existing accounts.


  • You are the voice of the market, prospective customers, and your team, and as such need to communicate:
  • Out – Communicating with customers, listening and understanding their needs, concerns, timeframes, decision authorizes, level of satisfaction, etc. and sharing findings within the company.
  • Up – Communicating status of our sales and marketing activities up your management chain.
  • Across – Communicating with peers and other functional groups across the organization, including coordinating sales and capture activities with other company departments.
  • Down – Communicating news and decisions to sales and marketing team members.

Your Success Will Be Measured by The Following Key Performance Measures:

  • Demonstration of the Modus Operandi Core Values both personally and across the direct assigned sales and marketing team.
  • Achieve ≥ 100% of the company orders plan.
  • Achieve ≥ 100% of opportunities pipeline goals.
  • Achieve ≥ 100% of proposal value goals.
  • Maximize alignment of target markets and sales opportunity pursuits with company strategic goals, seeking to use (and monetize) our products in the solution.
  • Establish all needed sales and marketing processes per company process standards and achieve 100% compliance these processes.

Experience and Education Requirements

   Basic Qualifications

  • 15+ years of sales and marketing leadership experience, including US defense contracting, C4ISR domain, and/or potential commercial customer domains (e.g., consumer privacy, business continuity, regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, or similar).
  • Proven experience creating and maintaining a fast-paced software sales environment and leading a team to achieve pipeline and order goals.
  • Excellent written and oral communications and listening skills. Strong proposal writing skills.
  • Ability and willingness to travel.
  • A DoD Secret Security clearance is required (an active clearance issued/renewed within past 5-6 years is preferred).

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master degree preferred.
  • Formal sales training and/or certifications.
  • Experience in potential commercial customer domains (e.g., consumer privacy, business continuity, regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, or similar).
  • Former senior military or civilian experience.
  • Training and/or certifications in Defense System Acquisition Management (DoD Directive 5000.01 and DoD Instruction 5000.02) and/or the Joint Capabilities Implementation and Development System (JCIDS).
  • Basic understanding of Agile software development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.
  • An existing TS/SCI security clearance is preferred.

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