Modus Operandi Awarded $600,000 U.S. Navy Contract to Develop a Data Fusion SOA Framework for Submarines

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April 12, 2010

Modus Operandi, a leading software and information integration technology company, has been awarded a $600,000 U.S. Navy contract to develop a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework for data fusion on submarines. The Phase II Small Business Innovation Research project, called Wave System of Systems (Wave-SOS), will create a framework that will fuse together and analyze incoming intelligence information from multiple, disparate sources, providing a much clearer operating picture for submarine commanders.

Modern submarines are outfitted with a variety of increasingly sophisticated sensors, yet integration and fusion of sensor data is often difficult.  Moreover, much of this information, such as weather data, commander’s intent, human intelligence, and mission parameters is commonly provided in text-based formats. This information is not as accessible to automated processing, correlation, and fusion, and therefore it must be analyzed manually which takes valuable time.  Modus Operandi plans to develop an innovative SOA framework to enable semantic fusion of intelligence information from many different sensors to support a wide array of submarine missions.

“Modus Operandi will leverage our Wave® technology portfolio, which provides semantic extensions to service-oriented architectures, to accelerate the integration and fusion of intelligence data,” said Richard Hull, executive vice president and chief scientist, Modus Operandi.  “Wave-SOS will provide submarine control room personnel, and ultimately commanders, with a vastly improved common operating picture allowing them to perform more mission types with greater confidence.”

The Wave-SOS project is with the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) at the Washington Navy Yard, and is sponsored by the Program Executive Office for Submarines.