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Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis


Movia provides the ability to quickly extend your enterprise data architecture. You can tactically add-on “ever-alert” software agents; monitor your data for patterns-of-interest; predict and classify emerging patterns for threats and opportunities; and receive just-in-time warnings. It’s like a friendly tap-on-the-shoulder to let you know you should “WATCH-OUT.”


Movia senses the world by consuming raw information from a wide variety of sensor and device types, info services, news and social media feeds, documents and reports, and Big Data repositories. Batch or streaming data is ingested, fused, and converted into semantic, fact-graphs of entities and their relationships.

Movia - Analyze, Predict, Warn


Layered, logical models represent the tactical subset of the data-of-interest in the larger superset of Big Data resources. Inside Movia, data is modeled in tiers from lower-level raw data source forms, up to the terms, entities, objects, and concepts used in your day-to-day decision making, and up through the higher-order concepts like the time and space. This ensures that exploration, analysis, results, decisions, or warnings all maintain cognitive consistency and are easily understood by your user community.


Understand what happened in the past. Movia provides an easy, Wiki-like, user interface to explore your Big Data resources and find previous patterns of interest that are imperative to detect in the future. Analysts can search, filter, link, and comment on findings. They can also collaborate with other analysts in real-time.
Patterns of interest can represent trends of activity over time, profiles of customers, clusters of data, correlations between events, or almost anything.


The Movia Reasoner applies logical rules looking for patterns of threat and opportunity. A partial, fuzzy, emergent, or imminent pattern is assessed relative to a model of threat / opportunity, and for trust in a situational context. If a threat / opportunity threshold is exceeded, an alert is published to any downstream systems or users who are subscribed to the related Movia Alerts channel. Alerts can broadcast warning messages via SMS Text, email, and visual popups in user interfaces.

Movia Alerts are also used by Movia to talk to other problem solving Movia’s. Larger-scale solutions can be decomposed in this way, in order to be solved by a collection of smart Movia Agents, working on different aspects of a problem.


Movia provides a complete and customizable user interface (UI). Movia Views is a container framework which provides robust navigation, search, and customization capabilities.

Movia Views is driven from its own Semantic ontology model, which provides a dynamic framework for tailoring the user experience quickly and flexibly. Based on its Semantic model, each entity in an application’s data knows how to display the important aspects of itself. Movia Views can be customized by creating Movia Views pages and using our library of display widgets. The Movia Widgets provide an extensive toolbox to display virtually any type data — maps, images, timelines, grids, text editors, and more.