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Defense & Intelligence Analysts

Movia provides all-source intel analysts with living intelligence to reduce research time, improve the quality of their product and enhance targeting precision.

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Smart Publications

Movia revolutionizes the dissemination of critical training and lessons learned by providing our warfighters with intelligent publications. With Movia, warfighters get right to the training and knowledge that matters for the mission, saving prep time and accelerating updates.

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Requirements Management

Movia uncovers the hidden impacts of engineering change requests before the changes are accepted, helping large platform program managers avoid costly budget and schedule overruns.

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Fraud Waste & Abuse Detection & Prevention

Movia assists the Government in detecting & preventing fraud, waste and abuse in procurement and contracting, saving precious taxpayer dollars.

Welcome to Modus Operandi

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Modus Operandi is a high-tech software and information technology company that's been in business for 30 years and counting. We understand the vital importance of information and organization flow within a company. Our goal steadfastly remains focused on combining the power of the human mind and machine analysis to deliver decision support for complex situations. With the help of our Living Intelligence solutions, we’re able to provide the edge needed in today's ever-growing markets. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, Florida, fittingly located near other high tech, aerospace, defense, and intelligence organizations. We also have field offices in Aberdeen, Maryland and Huntsville, Alabama.

In 2015, Modus Operandi introduced Movia™, a knowledge management system that combines human and machine analysis to produce living intelligence. It is beneficial to organizations in a variety of fields allowing them to input and combine their data,

Research is typically a long process, but with Movia™ it is no longer a tedious task. Research time is drastically reduced as Movia™ presents relevant and updated knowledge from the various data sources your team of experts has provided, presenting it in visualizations that enable rapid comprehension.

Learn More About Movia™

Movia™ Thinks Like You Do... How So?

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When faced with a problem to solve, your brain reaches an answer through a thinking process that associates pieces of information (data) together based on patterns you have learned. Movia’s living intelligence solution works the same way. Your organization’s experts work together to collect data, including documents, photos, multimedia, social media, GEOINT, MASINT, PAI/SOCMINT and other available information. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Movia™ breaks that information down into individual objects of knowledge and tags each with extensive metadata, empowering the objects to understand their origins and history and how they relate to other objects. The information objects are then stored in a knowledge graph, ready to assemble themselves into a response when a query is made.

Movia™ goes beyond keyword searches to build linkages and correlations between these information objects, responding with the latest and most relevant information you need to inform your critical decisions. If information has been updated, it notifies those users that a change has been made since the last time they referenced it. Movia™ offers the latest knowledge available, providing living intelligence to your users.

Movia’s integrated workflow enables process-compliant vetting, approval and integration of new knowledge. This encourages your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to contribute special experiences and wisdom they would like to pass on to others. Because they can see near-real-time results, Movia helps you capture the tribal knowledge of your SMEs, making the rest of your team stronger by their experiences.

With Movia™, your responses are presented in your approved format, with visualizations that enable fast comprehension and situational awareness. Your team of experts will be more connected, feel empowered and discover the solutions for perplexing dilemmas faster than ever.

Collaborate with Your Team

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Movia™ encourages your team to securely collaborate to provide the important data needed. Your team will find an advanced editor with more editing features and extensive templates. Whenever data is added or updated, it automatically routes it for approval, and it is added to the knowledge graph. When there is an update to the knowledge graph, team members are alerted and quickly see that their input matters. By receiving alerts of any changes, it replaces stale, outdated information with Living Intelligence.

Movia™ also offers a unique document comparison capability, enabling users to quickly compare documents, displaying the similarities and differences between them. This celebrated feature is helping teams spot fraud, waste and abuse in government programs, protecting taxpayer dollars.

Movia™ filters its responses to the clearance level appropriate for the users, preventing unauthorized users from viewing classified information. If policy allows, it can make available the unclassified information from within otherwise unavailable documents, delivering whatever knowledge can be securely shared. This keeps team members safe and eliminates the possibility of specified knowledge objects being viewed by those not cleared to see them. This is an innovative way to truly maximize the value of your organization’s knowledge and to avoid withholding information elements that could benefit your team members. designed to identify the knowledge found within an organization’s data and present it in a way that saves resources and gives you the edge you need to make critical decisions.

Movia™ is truly remarkable providing any organization Living Intelligence to support their decisions. It takes support to a new level with its ability to evaluate several options and provide a recommended course of action.

Our Process for Customer Success

At Modus Operandi, we have a 5-D MO for Customer Success. We are confident our innovative approaches and living intelligence solutions will greatly improve your decision-making process and the outcomes that follow. We will work with your team to ‘Discover', listening closely to learn about your operations and gain a deeper understanding of your needs and goals. We also show you how Movia™can and will address your needs

The next step in our process is to ‘Define’. We will conduct activities to identify solutions to specific problems that Movia™ and living intelligence solutions can fix. A few of the activities done in the ‘define’ phase include identifying success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). We also define QA and IA requirements and plans among a list of various other activities. It is by the end of this phase, that you fully understand our solutions as being the best solution for your company and will streamline your processes.

The third step in our process is ‘Develop’. There are a variety of activities performed during this phase including but not limited to; refining requirements, implementation of QA and IA plans to ensure system quality and security and evaluate initial success metrics. After this process takes place, we ‘deliver’!

It is in the ‘Deliver’ phase that we operationalize the solution in your environment and receive verification that specific needs have been solved. We work hard to ensure and verify capability, scalability, performance, and one of the most important aspects, security. As a company who’s worked with the DoD, intelligence companies and defense contractors - we know that security is crucial. We train your company, supporting user adoption and ownership and offer transition support.

In our final step ‘Drive’ your company is using the living intelligence solution with proven results, and are highly satisfied. Our customer service team remains on stand-by to quickly assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

We offer constant care and user support and offer solution updates and maintenance. By this time, your processes and company information management is streamlined, most likely more than you ever imagined possible. Let us work together through our proven process; discover, define, develop, deliver and drive your company into a new era of success.

Our Challenge to You

Our Living Intelligence solutions, like our knowledge management system, can transform your company, allowing for an innovative approach, streamlining data analysis. We’re proud to offer a state-of-art approach to a variety of defense contractors and intelligence companies to assist with delivering mission-critical, smarter decisions. Here you can see a list of satisfied customers from Florida and beyond that revolutionized their processes through the assistance of our living intelligence solutions! We challenge you to contact us today to share your vision and discover how Movia™ can assist you.

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