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Our Story

Since our founding in 1984, our company has been on the forefront of innovation aimed at helping our customers use data to drive success. In the early days we cast a wide net, working in areas of software engineering tools, software and systems measurement, expert systems, and process modeling. In our first major contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory we developed data driven analytics for impact analysis, planting the seeds for our trajectory and current focus – the analysis of data to optimize decision processes.

As we grew, we developed a sharper focus, and tackled bigger challenges. By the mid-1990s, Modus Operandi was targeting data-intensive problems and opportunities. We expanded beyond our early work with structured engineering data to include all data types, as well as problems closer to the pointy end of the spear. In the business world this meant things that impact customer service, revenue, and cost or profit. We supported a client base that included Qualcomm, Florida Power & Light, The Nature Conservancy, The Travelers, UPS, and Time Life.

But the lion’s share of our work as has been in support of the US national defense and intelligence clients, including USAF, USN, Army, USMC, MDA and DTRA, as well as many leading defense contractors. For these customers many of our efforts are directly in support of our warfighters by providing solutions that arm Commanders with comprehensive knowledge needed to achieve mission success. One example is our work on the Army’s aerial sensor platforms, such as Guardrail Common Sensor, which we have supported since 1995, applying our data integration and analysis talents to sensor data for situational awareness as well as to supporting functions such as post mission data analysis and system health and diagnostics.

The growth in the value we bring to our customers has been directly related to our strategy of productizing the tools and systems we’ve developed. We’ve won substantial R&D funding, particularly under the SBIR program. These awards, combined with millions of dollars of private investment, funded the build-out of our technologies for data integration, enrichment, and analytics, and the human processes for collaborating around shared knowledge for the ultimate goal of enabling optimal decisions.

Our investments resulted in an early product called Wave, and now, the next generation of this technology, released in 2019, is our Movia™ product for living intelligence – our state-of-the-art approach to smarter data. Today, we combine this powerful software platform with our unmatched human talent as we continue to push the envelope for our customers.