Release the Genius in Your Data

Analysts are tasked with solving a puzzle as fast as possible to support senior decision makers. A wide variety of sensors and data sources toss individual pieces of the puzzle to the Analyst. However the Analyst doesn’t have the box top to know what the finished puzzle should look like or any of the edge pieces to help define boundaries.

Often working in isolation from others, Analysts construct Intelligence analysis reports in a manner that causes knowledge to be stranded on “Islands of Isolation” – meaning difficult to discover, exploit, or reuse.  Published products immediately atrophy, as their sources continue to change in a dynamic threat environment and the Analyst lacks Knowledge Management capabilities that enable collaborative “living” work products.

Current analytic tools treat analysis as a separate process from creation of the analytic work product. This creates a significant burden on the Analyst to perform their research via various queries to data sources, perform analysis on the results, and then present those results in a separate product (document, spreadsheet, briefing slides, etc.).

Movia software from Modus Operandi offers a better way.

Movia is an intelligence product knowledge management environment that gives users–at all levels of your enterprise–powerful capabilities to create, collaborate on, manage, and maintain live analytic products.

Movia makes your enterprise knowledge…

  • more discoverable – data is managed at a granular level and enriched with metadata and semantic tags – all of which make discovering relevant data faster and easier.
  • more reusable – data can be referenced by specific, granular artifacts, or artifact group level (header, section, or even document) with dynamic updates and alerting to changes to the referenced artifacts.
  • analysis ready – knowledge is maintained in a machine-readable and machine-interpretable format that facilitates advanced analytics, auto-dissemination, inferencing and machine reasoning.
  • more accessible – with Movia , knowledge doesn’t live inside of static documents where machines can’t get to it. Instead analytic work products are dynamically linked to the source data so refresh of the reports is fast and automatic.
  • easier to capture – the capture of new knowledge resulting from the analytic process is integral to the product creation process, not a separate step.

Starting at $9,500 USD*

single user


* Excludes applicable taxes.