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Modus Operandi Awarded $1.5 Million Contract to Develop U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Analysis Capability

Modus Operandi, a leading software and information integration technology company, has been awarded a $1.5 million contract by the U.S. Marine Corps. Under the contract, called ieDENI (improvised explosive Device DENIal), the company will deliver a software solution that helps Marine Corps intelligence analysts discover and analyze tactical intelligence.

Modus Operandi will enhance and package its Blade Semantic Wiki software for rapid transition into a number of Marine Corps analytics systems. The Blade software provides a familiar wiki environment in which analysts collaborate to discover, link, analyze, and share information about the key entities and activities of interest. For example, the Blade Semantic Wiki can be used to collect and manage information about adversaries involved in hostile activities such as IED emplacement.

As analysts enter data into the wiki, Blade enriches the data with underlying semantics that help organize the information around entities of interest and accelerate the analyst’s ability to discover and understand relationships among people and their activities. This enables the analysts to provide more timely and actionable intelligence to warfighters in tactical situations.

The ieDENI contract was awarded under the Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF), which was established by Congress to provide the Department of Defense with “authorities and funds to facilitate the rapid insertion of innovative technologies into military systems or programs that meet critical national security needs such as those supporting the resolution of operational challenges characterized by Joint Urgent Operational Needs.”

“This RIF-funded contract provides a critical ingredient to bridge the gap between our past successful DoD sponsored R&D and the deployment of our innovative technologies in support of Marine Corps intelligence analysts,” said Peter Dyson, CEO, Modus Operandi.