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Modus Operandi Awarded NASA Small Business Contract to develop vehicle crew decision support solution with Movia™

MELBOURNE, Fla., July 6, 2021 – Modus Operandi, a company that delivers innovative software that harnesses data to empower smarter decisions, along with its partner, the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), has been awarded a Phase I STTR by NASA for its Vehicle Crew Operations and Maintenance Assistant (VeCOMA) proposal. VeCOMA would be a digital assistant that utilizes a dialog system to understand an operator query in the context of mission achievement. While digital assistants can be utilized to assist analysts and engineers in performing many different functions (e.g., requirements verification, literature review, Q&A), VeCOMA would focus on helping aerospace vehicle crew members answer routine operations and maintenance queries by monitoring system status using sensor data, telemetry, component outputs, and other real-time data, saving significant analysis time and providing needed information accurately and rapidly. This query would be checked against reference materials that are automatically compiled from documentation (maintenance manuals, SOPs) to provide a recommended course of action relative to mission parameters and constraints and to do so in an information-rich fashion (i.e., beyond a simple “yes/no” or warning-light style assessment) to give a more comprehensive, risk-based recommendation than a traditional status.

VeCOMA’s necessary capabilities would utilize innovations in data ingest and formatting, dialog systems, and course of action analysis. Data ingest and formatting capabilities, as well as course of action analysis, will leverage Movia, Modus Operandi’s proprietary software. Movia utilizes machine learning to provide decision intelligence and data accessibility. Modus Operandi’s partner, IHMC, will focus on the design of dialog systems to support the VeCOMA effort.

 About Modus Operandi

 For more than 30 years Modus Operandi has provided defense and commercial organizations with mission-critical data-centric software solutions. Building on its rich portfolio of military R&D technology, the company has developed and deployed an innovative software product, Movia, which delivers living intelligence to our customers to enable smarter decisions.