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Modus Operandi Releases Wave® Exploitation Framework 3.0.2

Modus Operandi, a leading software and information integration technology company, today announced the launch of the Wave Exploitation Framework (Wave-EF) intelligence analysis product version 3.0.2. Wave-EF accelerates the discovery of relevant unstructured data across multiple sources, enabling intelligence analysts to quickly cull through large amounts of data to find and piece together related clues that together may help to predict enemy behaviors.

Wave-EF adapts and extends semantic technologies for use within a service-oriented architecture (SOA), improving the value of new or existing systems. By automatically identifying and tagging concepts, relationships, locations, and dates of interest, Wave-EF enables correlation, fusion, meta-data generation, alerting, and mediation. The Wave-EF platform is able to provide government and military intelligence analysts with more timely and pertinent data, helping overcome the limitations of typical keyword search and query tools. With Wave-EF discovering the truly significant facts within vast quantities of data, analysts can avoid the challenges of manual discovery and categorization, and can instead focus on bottom-line analysis.

In addition to the functionality of the previous release, Wave EF 3.0.2 offers improved developer support, more rapid deployment, and a reference application. The reference application called “Relevant Intel” simulates multi-source intelligence analysis where events are extracted and text analyzed for pertinent information.