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Modus Operandi Wins $9.3 Million Army Contract

MELBOURNE, Florida, January 12, 2005 — Modus Operandi, a leading business and information technology solutions company, has been awarded a contract with the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.  The contract, which has an estimated value of $9.3 million, was awarded under Phase III of the Army’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  

 According to Stewart Fenick, the Army’s technical representative on the contract, “Modus Operandi will supply technology and services for improving the development, management and sustainment of complex software systems, such as the Guardrail Common Sensor intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system.  Targeted improvements will focus on three primary themes: maturing organizational capabilities, improving project oversight, and leveraging advanced tools and technologies.”

 An integrated asset suite and supporting services – including processes, training, methodologies, and tools – will be the primary contract deliverable.  The asset suite will provide critical capabilities such as:

  • real-time visibility, risk assessments, and related metrics regarding project resources, schedules and performance characteristics;
  • integration and analysis of project information sources to rapidly deliver actionable knowledge to decision makers; and
  • processes and tools to enable personnel at all levels and geographical locations to share and collaborate on this knowledge.

           The contract will leverage and extend Wave, Modus Operandi's powerful web-based collaborative knowledge integration environment.  The development of Wave was co-sponsored by the Army under previous SBIR contracts.  Key aspects of Wave relating to this contract are its ability to break down barriers to enterprise information, manage knowledge assets, facilitate collaboration, and deliver critical metrics for decision support and performance management.                                                       

          Says Modus Operandi President & CEO Peter Dyson, “The global war on terrorism is driving growth in the complexity and sophistication of Army systems, as well as the need to accelerate delivery of new capabilities to the field.  Both the processes and the infrastructure for developing and sustaining these systems must keep pace.  Modus Operandi is thrilled to be working with the Army on meeting these needs and ultimately delivering superior solutions to the warfighter.”                                       

About Modus Operandi

           Modus Operandi provides products and services to connect people and information.  The company’s solutions address both the processes and the key enabling technologies necessary for accelerating critical information sharing, collaboration and informed decision-making.

           Additional information on Modus Operandi solutions is available from Modus Operandi, Inc., 122 Fourth Avenue, Indialantic, FL  32903. Phone: (321) 984-3370.  Fax: (321) 728-3957.  E-mail:  Website:  The company maintains offices in Atlanta, GA; Ft. Monmouth, NJ; Tampa and Melbourne, FL.