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U.S. Air Force Selects Modus Operandi to Develop Modules for Targeting Platform

Modus Operandi, a company that delivers Big Data analytics solutions for national security and commercial organizations, has been selected by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop workflow modules for the Air Force targeting platform called “CATALiST,” which is designed to improve the analysis and assessment of battlefield targets.

Under terms of the two-year contract, Modus Operandi will develop a system that effectively automates, monitors, and improves the targeting process. The system will be based on Modus Flow, a distributed, semantically-enhanced process automation and knowledge management framework. The platform will leverage mature, best of class government off-the-shelf (GOTS) and open-source software (OSS) consisting of knowledge management, analytics, and visualization technologies developed in support of other government customers by Modus Operandi.

A unique aspect of the workflow approach is the ability to utilize semantically-enhanced or “smart” data to optimize the targeting processes, thus shortening the targeting cycles. As a result, the CATALiST platform provides the Air Force Targeting Enterprise (AFTE) with the necessary tools to promote a continuous targeting process—supported by distributed process automation and auditing, with enterprise collaboration capabilities, culminating in the real-time dissemination and discovery of the targeting products through a multi-media Electronic Target Folder (ETF).