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U.S. Navy Selects Modus Operandi to Develop Pattern-of-Life Analysis Software to Help Predict Adversarial Behavior and Intent

MELBOURNE, FL, February 23, 2016 – Modus Operandi, a company that delivers data discovery, integration, and Big Data analytics solutions for national security and commercial organizations, has been selected by the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop an activity-based intelligence system that will help spot unusual behavior by adversaries.

Under terms of the $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, Modus Operandi will combine its expertise in semantic analysis with scalable graph analytic methodologies and information fusion to develop innovative pattern of life analysis software. The software solution, called POLIS (Pattern Of Life Integrated System), will analyze large amounts of intelligence data represented as large graphs to find behavioral patterns that may indicate malintent.

When examining individuals over and against typical patterns, interesting normal and anomalous behavior can often be seen in relation to their environmental patterns. For example, people do not tend to mill about airports, parks, shopping malls, or other public places when they are closed. Individuals tend to move with certain directed or purposeful behavior around public buildings, rather than exhibit walking patterns indicative of pacing or walking a perimeter repeatedly.

“By analyzing data from many different sensors, this system will indicate – with visual alerts – if something deviates from expected patterns,” said Peter Dyson, CEO, Modus Operandi. “These red flags can be tremendously helpful in preventing malicious behavior in almost any setting, whether it’s a war front or an urban environment.”

POLIS combines high-performance computational capabilities with complex graph-matching techniques. Coupled with semantic logic-based graph querying and manipulation, the platform can describe POL patterns as inter-related items, and provide a means to mathematically align and calculate over graphs. The result is a software tool that can be used to better predict patterns of human behavior pertaining to threat conditions or suspicious patterns of interest.

The computational outputs of this ‘under the hood’ analysis will be driven to a user-friendly semantic wiki, where analysts can easily interact with the data and effectively represent and track POL activities of various types.

About Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi is a software technology company focused on accelerating information discovery, data integration and advanced analytics for customers in the defense and intelligence community and in Fortune 1000 organizations. We provide unique technology that helps organizations discover the hidden patterns of potential threats and opportunities – the genius – locked in their data. We offer advanced solutions that leverage next generation semantic technologies with a rigorous implementation methodology that produces actionable results.