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Movia is a living intelligence platform that transforms the way organizations manage knowledge - saving research time and sharpening decisions

Is Movia for you?

  • Do you have too much data and not enough actionable information?
  • Does it seem like you are starting from scratch with every new request and that it takes a lot longer than necessary to get past the research and into actual analysis?
  • Does it make sense to quickly see what research has been done before on the topics you need, enabling you to build on your organization’s existing intelligence?
  • Would secure collaboration and interoperability with other analysis teams be beneficial?
  • Do you lose critical information and knowledge when team members depart?
  • Is your research limited because your intelligence is arranged in stovepipes instead of objects of interest?
  • DoD and Intelligence Community customers use Movia to assist with accelerating and improving intelligence analysis; developing smart Tactics-Techniques and Procedures (TTPs); minimizing cost and schedule overruns with Requirements Management; avoiding fraud, waste, and abuse; and meeting other needs.

Movia’s Living Intelligence

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The problem with most data analysis systems is the report cycle. During the time it takes to generate and distribute a report about a changing situation, portions of the report are outdated. Movia's living intelligence has renovated the reporting system and advanced the role of analysts. Movia assembles reports on demand, instantly, from your knowledge repository. This relieves analysts from the report responsibility and allows them to continuously ingest knowledge and groom the repository. With Movia, your reports still use your format models and stardards, but now contain living intelligence—knowledge that is always up to date. Movia reports are a true viewport into your knowledge repository. 

Customer benefit: Higher quality, faster decisions are made based on the best information available and supported by machine and human analysis.

Improved Decision-Making Stimulates Better Mission & Business Performance

  • Existing disjointed requirements development processes limit effective and timely intelligence support to mission planning and execution
  • Movia’s continuous feedback loop uses the decision-maker’s needs to explicitly influence data collection, analysis, production, and dissemination

Informed decision-makers produce smarter, faster decisions

  • Static, stove-piped information products are often outdated to decisions at hand
  • With Movia, decision-makers are constantly aware of the latest and most relevant information influencing their decision, since the two are linked

An optimized decision-making process and synchronized integration of multiple stakeholders with machine analytics leads to faster resolution of the decision-maker’s information gaps

  • Current approaches lack collaborative interfaces which inhibits successful distributed team collaboration
  • Movia’s integrated workflow and secure collaboration multiply the powers of your analytics team and bring in alternative viewpoints

Movia Greatly Reduces Research TIme

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  • Movia focuses research on objects of interest, instead of directories and folders. Your efforts begin with what is already known and established, saving you the time of starting from scratch
  • Movia assembles your team’s knowledge - objects from different sensors, data sources and past research – into a time-saving summary response, saving you the time and effort of digging through mountains of data to find relevant connections

Movia Finds the Knowledge Hidden in Your Data

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  • Your team’s data is rich with information, not just keywords.
  • Movia uses AI/ML to look within your data for information objects and relationships, and then builds extensive metadata that establishes linkages and correlations between these objects, based on your organization’s ontology.

Movia Puts Your Knowledge in Its Place

Knowledge Graph
  • Movia produces knowledge objects and stores them in a knowledge graph.
  • The objects become “smart” and understand their relationships to other objects.
  • When you make a query with keywords from your request, Movia responds with objects from its knowledge graph - built from several disparate data sources in your collection - in an understandable visualization. Movia even alerts you to changes that may have occurred since the last time this information was used and analysis comments that may offer alternative viewpoints

“This research used to take weeks. Now it takes minutes.”

-Satisfied DoD Customer

“You just reduced our research time by 90%”

-Satisfied DoD Customer

“This revolutionizes our entire operation.”

-Satisfied DoD Customer

Movia's Included Features

Integrated Workflow

When a team member has an information update, Movia's integrated workflow routes it through your team’s approval list. Changes no longer need to wait for revision cycles before they show up. Your team members quickly see that their inputs matter!

Document Comparison

Movia can automatically compare the contents of one document to another, pointing out similarities and differences between them.

Secure Collaboration

Movia brings your team together to collaborate on your analysis. Connect with confidence on the high-side and multiply your analysis power!

World-Class Editor

Movia’s editor offers more than meets the eye. Extensive templates and editing features give your users the knowledge they seek in the format they need.

Information Security

Movia keeps users out of trouble by only showing them the knowledge objects they are cleared to see. Movia works with industry standards to maximize the value of your knowledge without holding back the elements that would have otherwise restricted access.

Course of Action Recommendation (coming in 2022)

While Movia provides living intelligence to support your decisions, it can also evaluate several options and provide a recommended course of action.

Movia Product Packaging

  • Movia™ Small Team – up to 20 concurrent users or 16 cores
  • Movia™ Large Team – up to 50 concurrent users or 48 cores
  • Movia™ Multi-Team – up to 100 concurrent users or 96 cores
  • Movia™ Tiered packages are available, based on dozens, hundreds or thousands of concurrent users
  • Movia™ Customization
  • Movia™ RightSTART, User and Administrator Training

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