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Movia™ Software Orchestrates The Power of Human and Machine Analysis

Movia™ leverages our 35-year heritage of providing our customers with innovative solutions for data management, data correlation, fusion, human-computer interface, contextual pattern recognition, and machine learning analytics. Movia applies living intelligence to harness data and orchestrate human and machine analysis to enable leaders to make smarter decisions. Movia optimizes the interactions of humans and machines throughout the decision-making process so that decision makers always have the mostcurrent information in the format required for their decision-making process. Movia enables analysts to focus on human-centric analysis tasks that are typically more accurate and precise, while integrating machine analytics that are more efficient, resulting in an overall increase in accuracy and efficiency in analysis processes.

Movia has garnered interest from myriad markets, including defense and intelligence, cyber, and consumer privacy. Modus Operandi has created custom, market-specific solutions powered by Movia and has plans to release additional market-specific solutions soon. Suite Graphic

Movia Data Intelligence™ informs the decision-making process of available data across the enterprise and how to access, which increases efficiency since analysts no longer spend significant time finding data.

Movia Ingest™ integrates with many Big Data platforms and extract-transform-load (ETL) software to automate the data ingest, cleansing, enrichment, and correlation of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, which further increases analysis efficiency.

Movia Analytics™ provides descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to help users better understand their data, the potential future state, and recommended actions to resolve issues. Movia Analytics provides a pluggable interface for integrating algorithms, such as pattern of life, correlation, fusion, state estimation, etc.

Movia Analyst Workbench™ enables users to perform analysis on their complex data in a “wiki-like” interface, providing plug-and-play interoperability with other visualization tools, such as social network analysis, temporal analysis, maps, business intelligence and reporting, desktop spreadsheets, and more. Movia Analyst Workbench enables users to include enriched knowledge in structured, semi-structured, and full-text reports, forms, and other template-based reporting products that are required for decision-making. Movia Analyst Workbench keeps a live copy of the product, such that if there are any changes to underlying data sources or analysis results, Movia alerts the author and subscribers of the product(s). This capability automates and optimizes collaborative, continuous decisions and persistent decisions.

Movia CoreOBP™ provides a standards-based, scalable entity management system (EMS), integration interfaces, workflow, alerting and notification services, and other components core to Movia in providing its core object-based production capabilities. A key differentiator is Movia Workflow™ to provide a standards-based service for automating the analysis process and integrating this human-machine teaming to enable efficiencies in the decision-making process. This optimizes human-machine integration across the decision-making process, delivers the produced information to the decision maker with needed provenance, and records the process for future analysis and continuous process improvement. Movia Workflow provides an innovative, adaptive workflow based on the knowledge being developed to support a specific decision and helps identify the optimal orchestration of workflow tasks (i.e., human and machine) to best generate the required knowledge.