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Defense Analysis and Production

The U.S. Department of Defense is the world’s largest user of tools and methods for collaboration, information sharing, and visibility to produce advanced publications and analytics, supporting a broad array of challenging mission requirements.


Situation: DoD organizations currently struggle with outdated tools and methodologies to support knowledge-centric collaboration, information sharing, and visibility in missions calling for creation and publication of products spanning a variety of reports. Typical scenarios involve continuous or periodic analysis activities concerning knowledge creation and curation, ultimately leading to the production of reports for sharing knowledge across the DoD enterprise and with external partners. Example products include intelligence reports, doctrine, analytics, SITREPs, and hundreds other products for informing decision makers with accurate and timely information.

Impact: Inefficiencies and associated delays related to the analysis and production process lead to outdated and irrelevant analytic products, intelligence reports, and other doctrine warfighters use to support global operations. In certain missions as much as 75% of the required activities cannot be effectively executed. These inefficiencies add significant cost to product/report creation and negatively impact the ability of senior leaders to make the best and most timely decisions, leading to increases in vulnerability and risks to mission success.

Resolution: Our Movia solutions deliver Living Intelligence that integrates human and machine analysis to rapidly process prioritized information needs, increasing efficiency and accuracy of production process and improving the overall decision-making process.

Technical Features: Through a digital transformation of the publication process, our Movia Living Intelligence solutions evolve how our customers create and share knowledge across the global DoD enterprise. Technical capabilities include:

  • next generation Object-Based Production (OBP) process support. Resulting knowledge objects provide the single point of convergence for all information and analytics produced about a topic of interest to analysis professionals
  • continuous situational awareness of decision status visible to all stakeholders
  • Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) support. “ABI is a multi-INT approach to activity and transactional data analysis to resolve unknowns, develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection.” (source: US Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence)
  • collaborative, dynamically updated content for knowledge visualization
  • automatic product/report export using doctrinal formats
  • workflow/analytic process automation and facilitation

Use Cases: We have successfully applied our Movia Living Intelligence solutions to the following representative use cases:

  • intelligence product production processes (OBP, ABI)
  • streamlining capture, dissemination, and analysis of blue force publications (e.g., Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures)
  • intelligence analysts’ collaborative environment for knowledge curation and creation of commander’s reports, IPBs, and Intel requests
  • advanced analytics in support of global force management