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Defense Intelligence Analysis and Production

With the rapid development of sensor technologies, 5G (everyone is a sensor) and emerging threats to our nation, today’s analysts are faced with a pincer of pressures;

  • Too much data to analyze
  • Increasing demand for intelligence product

Big data and artificial intelligence have combined to help make sense of the thickening forest of available information. While they certainly help in the sorting and patterning of data, these technologies fall short of helping the critically-important human analyst make actual progress against the overgrowth of data. More than ever, today’s analyst needs;

  • A reduction in research time – with 80% of their time spent on digging for data, analysts are left with approximately 20% of their time to perform actual analysis
  • Multiplied analyst strength – analytic collaboration, on DoD-secure networks, proves that two heads are better than one
  • Access to all of the available data – stovepipes and outdated practices work against the analyst, hiding the data that may have influenced a commander’s decision
  • Protection against outdated inputs – intelligence reports are valid as of the date they are published. With the dynamic nature of rising threats, vital new information that may have influenced critical decisions is often missed after the report is published

Enter MoviaTM – an object-based Knowledge Management System that aids an analyst’s research by:

  • Presenting your object of interest with all your organization’s associated data, connected to that object, dramatically reducing research time. With Movia, an analyst does not start from scratch
  • Enabling analyst workflow and task assignments with visual status indicators
  • Multiplying analytic power with secure analyst collaboration
  • Providing Living Intelligence - automatic updates and alerts to changes in supporting information, making sure you are acting on the most recent intelligence.

Movia for Intelligence Analysis

Our Movia solutions deliver living intelligence that integrates human and machine analysis for rapid processing of information; increases efficiency and accuracy in the production process, and improves the overall decision-making process.

Technical Features

Through a digital transformation of the publication process, our Movia living intelligence solutions update the way our customers create and share knowledge across the global DoD enterprise. Movia includes the following technical capabilities.

  • Next generation Object-Based Production (OBP) process support.
    Movia knowledge objects provide analysis-professionals with a single point of convergence for all information and analytics produced about a topic of interest to analysis professionals
  • Continuous situational awareness of decision status visible to all stakeholders
  • Activity-based Intelligence (ABI) support.
    “ABI is a multi-INT approach to activity and transactional data analysis to resolve unknowns, develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection.” (source: US Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence)
  • Collaborative, dynamically updated content for knowledge visualization
  • Automatic product/report export using doctrinal formats
  • Workflow/analytic process automation and facilitation

Solving our customers’ challenges

We have successfully applied our Movia living intelligence solutions to the following representative use cases.

  • Intelligence product production processes (OBP, ABI)
  • Streamlining the capture, dissemination, and analysis of blue force publications (e.g., Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures)
  • Intelligence analysts’ collaborative environment for knowledge curation and creation of commander’s reports, IPBs, and Intel requests
  • Advanced analytics in support of global force management

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