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Revolutionize your knowledge management with smart publications

With the dynamic nature of emerging threats, updates to existing data and the increasing mission complexity, organizations struggle to provide updated and relevant reference and training materials to their knowledge workers and operatives. MoviaTM solves the problems associated with the time and cost involved in creating and maintaining large libraries of doctrinal materials, initially focused on Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Our Intelligent Publications solutions apply our Movia™ knowledge management software to reduce time and costs for the creating, maintaining, distributing and editing of TTPs and similar publications (such as doctrine, training, regulations, SOPs, specifications, after-action reports and more.

Capabilities include the following:

  • Compressed/accelerating document update cycles
  • Content editing
  • Motivating Subject Matter Experts to impart their knowledge
  • Integrated workflow support of review process
  • Collaborative knowledge curation of content
  • Electronic document management and publication of bespoke materials
  • Rapid assembly of publications from document objects (Object-Based Production)
  • Mission-specific views across documents
  • Alerts to users of updates in previously-referenced information

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